Forget long term planing in technology

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It’s a given fact that technology is rapidly evolving recently. It does no longer take decades to see a new one emerging. Did I say decades? Maybe should I use years, or even months or days.

The key word is disruption!!! Everyone is working on disruptive technology. Changing positively the habits by significantly improving customer experience.

Nowadays, innovation is the key for survival. A company not working on innovative solutions, will need to be following innovative trends and if the pace is slow, that company is taking a risk to be left behind and catching up will become a big challenge. Innovation works with being the first to create or implement something and It’s also the ability to implement new technologies in a rapid and flexible way.

We all know about the Nokia story. And Nokia is still trying to catch up. Many other companies have disappeared today because they stayed behind. Kodak is a good illustration for that. Facebook has made everyone forget old social network players like myspace or hi5.

The secret is to make ensure good flexibility and scalability. Taking long to implement new technology is correlated with ending up with an outdated one. It’s key to always bear in mind that the more time is spent on implementing a new technology the more chances are to be in a situation where the technology has evolved and the version obtained has become obsolete.

Doing it well, the right way and fast always having in mind security and customer experience, that the spirit. Doing it just because it’s new is not a reason enough, it needs to make sens and improve the UX. There are quite number of companies that implemented new technologies but failed because either it wasn’t making sens or the UX was not as good as the competitor’s or even close.

NFC is a technology that was created and implemented some years ago by Blackberry, Samsung and many other mobile players. Apple did not immediately because it wasn’t making real sens for them because the main purpose was file sharing and Bluetooth was already doing that well but Apple wasn’t using it neither. Apple finally came up with Apple pay using the NFC technology and gave it a real use. Apple pay is today a successful way to make payment. Same type of story can be said for FaceID. The way it has been implemented by Apple is making a real positive impact on UX. I love FaceID.

WhatsApp started with only texting whilst Viber had text, audio and video call. WhatsApp UX was so good that users preferred to use it in replacement of the formally popular blackberry messenger. Facebook bought and took WhatsApp to a higher level. WhatsApp implemented End-to-End encryption and gave a great comfort to users as BBM was.

Snapchat is the master of filters and has been copied by many other competitors Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Imo … but as an innovative company, snapchat has also added Bitmoji and AR (Augmented Reality)… looking forward for the competitors move.

All that said, I’m very happy for us users because we will be able to use securely the various solutions and have constantly improved experience. We just need to trust the genius technology companies. They know what is best for us.

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”–Henry Ford


“It’s really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”–Steve Jobs



Thanks guys!!! Don’t forget, UX coupled with security is what guides us users in their choices. Always think out of the box and innovate well and fast.

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